This current season I’m in has been the most uncomfortable and fulfilling season of my life. God has opened a lot of doors for me and a lot of unexpected opportunities have come my way. When one season starts another must end so there have been quite a few closed doors as well. Closed doors aren’t always a bad thing either. Admittedly some doors had to be closed in order to foster new growth.

I’ve been doing my best to push myself past my comfort zone but some days I feel unsure. Unsure of what decision to make, unsure of what direction to move in, and just all around uncomfortable with the fact that I’m not nor can I be in control of every situation I encounter.

I’m a planner, I like to know the details of everything all of the time. Not knowing makes me uncomfortable and anxious. I’m in a constant state of living for the future. It’s hard for me to focus on the here and now.

The here and now for me feels like this never ending state of auto pilot. Like I’m just going through the motions to get to the next moment of achievement. Then that small still voice reminds me be preset and be content in my current season.

Although I love to plan things not everything is going to work out as planned. I need to relinquish my need to constantly be in control. God has a plan much great than mine and as a friend said anything he purposes he will provide for. I don’t have to be caught up in the busyness of life or be overwhelmed by it. If it’s in right alignment with Gods plan for my life it will all work out. I can rest in the fact that although I may feel doubtful God doesn’t! Nor is he surprised by my unwillingness to let go of my plans. He’s just waiting for me to stop so he can move. So I will stop and I will rest in the fact that he is God and although I wish I could do it all I don’t have to because He can. It’s my season to rest.


Krystal Hinton

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