Struggles Staying In The Word

I don’t know about you all but lately I have been struggling to stay in the word 😫 I start & stop start & stop. Well I’m starting again & God willing I can stay with it! I ran across @thesaltybiscuit on ig & she does a page a day. That seems doable so that’s where I will start.

Basically what she does is read a page a day and she writes the date at the top of the page she has read. I thought this was a great way to keep track and keep myself accountable. I have been looking through various ig accounts looking for ideas on how to get through the Bible.

I’ve tried devotionals but I don’t finish many. I’ve tried reading the Bible chronologically and ya’ll the Old Testament is HARD to get through 😩. Half the time I’m like LORD what am I even reading right now (shaking fists at the sky)! Some of it is just so hard to understand.

One way to help yourself out is to find a bible translation that you can understand easily. Right now I’m using the (in)courage devotional bible. This is a Christian standard bible so it’s super easy to understand which I love! It also has journaling space at the bottom of every page so you can write notes, journal, doodle whatever you like. Another bonus is that it has passage breakdowns and devotionals within it. It’s kind of an all in one which is great. You can find it here

This time I’m starting in the New Testament in Luke to be exact. I’ll work my way through from there. I’m praying I can stick to it and that God will reveal to me the things I don’t understand. If your like me and having a hard time getting through the Bible try a page a day with me! You can find me on ig @dating.dilemmas.whilechristian if you want to follow along on my journey.

Well that’s all for now! Happy reading! Follow and tag me on ig so we can do this bible reading journey together!

Love & Blessings,


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